PILLAR Performance Community Program

PILLAR Performance is Australia's leading sports micronutrition brand, purposefully formulated to support the unique micronutrition requirements of endurance athletes.

PILLAR is proud to partner with running, triathlon, and cycling clubs; as well as gyms and training centres across Australia to help power their performance and support the work they do in their community.

As part of this program, PILLAR offers participating club members exclusive access to discounts across their micronutrition range.

Simply select the products you'd like to purchase and use the code you've recieved from your club representative for the following discounts:

- 15% discount on a single product purchase.

- 20% discount on the purchase of two products or more.

- 25% discount on the purchase of 3 products or more.

Every order contributes to PILLAR investing into the operation of your club.

Don't forget to use your codes at checkout to access this offer!



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"I’ve been using PILLAR as part of my nutrition program. I love the fact that they have designed the dosage to meet the needs of athletes. Gone are the days of having to try swallow 10 fish oil tablets to reduce inflammation in my body.

"TRIPLE MAGNESIUM significantly helps me recover. When you are training 3-4 times a day this is importnat for my performance during those latter sessions and overall makes me feel more confident in my body.”


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